The (r)Evolution: A Short History of Naked Yoga

On any given day in New York City, yoga enthusiasts can dabble in any yoga hybrid activity they can dream up. Boxing Yoga, Hip Hop yogaMetal yoga, and Salty Yoga

Naked Yoga, however, isn’t a fad or marketing ploy. Performing yoga nude has deep roots in spiritual practices where nudity was a vehicle for shedding material concerns and breaking unhealthy attachments. Today’s naked yoga classes are shaped by a modern context and differing goals, yet unlike some other alternative yoga classes, our approach is derived from ancient traditions.

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What’s so great about naked yoga?

Are there any real, sustainable benefits to practicing yoga naked? The answer is: Yes. Absolutely. 

But before examining the physical and psychological benefits of taking even one naked yoga class, let’s go a step further. Beyond nudity giving an extra boost to the traditional benefits of yoga, can it be political? Can nude yoga be an act of protest?

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