Medical Daily Article

Naked in Motion was featured on Medical Daily in an article by Janissa Delzo. Delzo tried out one of our Naked! Yoga and Pilates classes and wrote about her experience. Instructor Willow told Medical Daily what our practice is all about: “It’s about taking a personal, internal, emotional journey to confront the things you feel about yourself, and the way you feel when you are so vulnerable around so many people.” Check out the full article here

Topless Pulp Fiction private Naked in Motion event!

Naked in Motion teamed up with Topless Pulp Fiction in NYC for a private event. We had a really great time time! Check out this awesome photoblog of the event (warning: there are naked pictures here). Just scroll to the section of the blog called "Naked in Motion"!

Topless Pulp Fiction is a group of body-positive (mostly women) in New York city that organize private topless/naked events in the winter and enjoy the summer by reading topless outside in various parts of the city. To find out when and where they'll meet next, email toplesspulpfiction[at]!

The Cure for a Broken Heart? Naked Yoga

We've got more press! Check out this article written for The Observer by one of our attendees about her first experience in class. It's a really beautiful, inspiring story about a woman's struggle with a heart condition, and what she learned after attending a Naked in Motion class. She says it best: "If I’d felt painfully naked during my month of wearing the Holter monitor, as if my insides were suddenly revealed for the world to see, when I was actually naked in a class full of other equally naked bodies, I felt protected, anonymous. A naked body is just a body. It has no signposts, no way to identify its wealth, health or inner brokenness. We were all just humans, moving and breathing in space and time." 

This is what it's all about folks.