Naked! Ambition: Get Naked More Places in NYC This Summer

Heat getting to you? Get naked more places in the NYC area this summer!*

So you’re down with Naked Yoga, and you just can’t come up with any good reason not to get undressed everywhere else. Fabulous! Let us be your guide.

Will I be arrested if I take off my bottoms in McCarren Park? Most likely! What about my top? Nope! Can I walk hand-in-hand with my honey, baring our gorgeous bodies on the Coney Island boardwalk? Unfortunately no! Can we take an all-naked, all-the-time outdoor camping trip in the Catskills? Yes! I’m visiting this summer: is there an award-winning hotel in the city with a clothing-optional rooftop for sunbathing? Why, yes, indeed there is! 

Read on to find out more about clothing-optional destinations and events for New Yorkers this summer. (*Do you know of other clothing-optional and nude destinations in the NY area this summer? Send an email to and let us know!)

First Things First: Boobs

Did you know it’s legal to bare your breasts publicly in New York State?

That’s right. Despite Mayor de Blasio’s fuss about the desnudas in Times Square, it’s been legal for women to go topless in public since 1992. So feel free to air out the girls at your favorite park or political rally. And check out the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society --fans of Naked in Motion! --and werk all over town.

Beach Babes

While you can go topless at any beach, you can go completely nude in Sandy Hook at Gunnison Beach. A shuttle ferry will get you there in about an hour.

ant to meet some other naked friends? Check out this nude group’s  beach party on August 12th from 10-6 pm. Make some friends so you’ll see some familiar (if also masked) faces at their nude masquerade party on September 23

Man, Oh Man

If you’re a guy who likes being naked around other guys, get to it with the Go Naked meetup group, a “young men's social platform aiming to live authentically, connect genuinely, and enjoy life fully, and do it all naked.” They host social nudist events, groups, activities, and adventures throughout the New York Metro area for men 18-45.  

Northward, Ho!

Get outta city limits and take it upstate, where you have all manner of naturist parks and clothing-optional campsites.

Bare Lake Nudist Club, near Corning

Brushwood Folklore Center, Sherman:

Empire Haven, Moravia:

Full Tan Sun Club, Sprakers:

Full Tan Sun Club

Juniper Woods, Catskill:

And, naturally, you are always encouraged to spend more time with us in the studio at Naked in Motion. Stay up to date about all our upcoming Naked! events by signing up for our newsletter! Bring a friend!