(VLOG) Meet the Community: Ivy

"This is mine. This is my body. I'm taking it back" - How this survivor finds healing through naked yoga

Courtesy warning: this video contains a brief discussion of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Each month, we feature our students in interviews about their experience with Naked in Motion. Get to know our awesome Naked! community, read about their journeys, and join the movement.

We asked Ivy about her experience at Naked in Motion classes. She told us about her jitters for her first class, what makes it a safe space, and how she uses naked yoga to reclaim her body,  Check out her response below and in our newest Vlog

IMG_4018 copy.JPG
It was just such an emotional experience. I was looking at my own body, I was looking at my scars...and then, by the end of it...I had this internal kind of moment of epiphany, it’s like, this is what healing feels like, just being me in my own skin.