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The FEAR Factor: How to Get Past Your Anxieties and Get to Naked! Yoga

Scared of naked yoga? You're the perfect candidate. In the spirit of Halloween, Naked in Motion challenges you to face your fears.

You’ve read the FAQs about our naked yoga classes and consent culture, seen the testimonials, and you’re still facing the fear factor. What’s that about? And what might you do about it so you can finally muster the courage to sign up for a naked yoga class?

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Naked in Motion’s Guide to Self-Care for Students

You, fearless New York City college student, are navigating the considerable stress of school in an often chaotic, crowded, competitive city. How do you stay sane, healthy, and happy? Naked in Motion wants to help. So we’ve put together this self-care guide to help you be fierce, focused, and take full advantage of your time living in the best city in the whole damn country.

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