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"My time with Naked in Motion has been nothing but positive. Willow’s gentle but firm instruction and calming presence made me feel safe and comfortable enough to do yoga naked in a room full of other naked strangers—quite a feat. When I’m in class, I feel like I’m doing my body good as well as pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I find myself looking forward to class all week, because it’s a time where I can let go of the stresses of life and focus on the physical challenges being laid out for me. All in all, a very positive and enlightening experience."

- Amanda, Brooklyn, NY

"I first went to Naked in Motion on a Wednesday evening in January because I wanted to exercise but couldn’t muster the energy to go to my drab local gym. Willow’s class was exactly what I needed: she is a great yoga teacher; she inspires everyone to feel good about themselves; and she fosters a respectful but fun social vibe. Everyone is made to feel welcome in the class, and the class itself is as challenging as each person makes it. There is often a bit of socializing afterwards, and there is a lovely community forming around Willow and Naked in Motion. I’m glad to be a part of this community, and happy to see that it is growing."

-Leonard, Bronx, NY

"Big fan of the group and a happy regular. The class is perfect. I love the yoga flow portion and I personally like the 2 facing lines with the center aisle layout. Thank you so much for this group and for these classes! You rock!"

-Myhanh, Manhattan, NY

"I have been coming to the Naked in Motion classes from the beginning. It's more than a class to me; it's a family made up of loving and caring individuals from all different ages, backgrounds, and body types where it does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. It's safe place where a person does not have to worry about being harassed or hit on. It does not matter what type of of car you drive or how much you make or whether you are big or small, black or white, male or female or transgender. All bodies are beautiful and everybody is welcome. Willow is a hardworking, caring, funny person who cares about the wellbeing of all the members of Naked in Motion. Willow shows the love by going over the rules before each class to make sure everybody understand them. The respect the way Willow asks for permission to touch you before she corrects you on a pose and the way she spends time after class talking to the members to find out how the class was for them. Thank you, Willow, for all the hard work you put into the class and for not giving up on Naked in Motion!"

-Scott, Queens, NY

"Willow, thank you for the great class! I've always felt that doing yoga in the nude is not only freeing, it also makes it so much easier to take a pose ideally (and to be adjusted more ideally into a pose) because the body is undraped by clothing. The class content was very well-structured and well-delivered."

-Dave, Philadelphia, PA

"I love your classes and the environment and vibe you create. I very much share your perspectives on inclusivity and find it fulfilling to engage with people like yourself and the activities you promote."

-TJ, Boston, MA

"Since discovering Naked in Motion it's been an amazing experience to be part of. The class has consistently left me feeling energized, tingly and wowed by the positivity that gets generated. You get out ten times what you put in."

-Mathew, Atlanta, GA

"Naked or not, your yoga practice was great. I really appreciated it. I've practiced yoga for some time now and that was a great fit for my previous experience. As for the nude experience, the way you blend the consent culture of kink with the social culture of naturism/nudism is next level. Very effective for putting all at ease."

-Rick, Boston, MA



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