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"My time with Naked in Motion has been nothing but positive. Willow’s gentle but firm instruction and calming presence made me feel safe and comfortable enough to do yoga naked in a room full of other naked strangers—quite a feat. When I’m in class, I feel like I’m doing my body good as well as pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I find myself looking forward to class all week, because it’s a time where I can let go of the stresses of life and focus on the physical challenges being laid out for me. All in all, a very positive and enlightening experience."

- Amanda, Brooklyn, NY

"I first went to Naked in Motion on a Wednesday evening in January because I wanted to exercise but couldn’t muster the energy to go to my drab local gym. Willow’s class was exactly what I needed: she is a great yoga teacher; she inspires everyone to feel good about themselves; and she fosters a respectful but fun social vibe. Everyone is made to feel welcome in the class, and the class itself is as challenging as each person makes it. There is often a bit of socializing afterwards, and there is a lovely community forming around Willow and Naked in Motion. I’m glad to be a part of this community, and happy to see that it is growing."

-Leonard, Bronx, NY

"Big fan of the group and a happy regular. The class is perfect. I love the yoga flow portion and I personally like the 2 facing lines with the center aisle layout. Thank you so much for this group and for these classes! You rock!"

-Myhanh, Manhattan, NY

"I have been coming to the Naked in Motion classes from the beginning. It's more than a class to me; it's a family made up of loving and caring individuals from all different ages, backgrounds, and body types where it does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. It's safe place where a person does not have to worry about being harassed or hit on. It does not matter what type of of car you drive or how much you make or whether you are big or small, black or white, male or female or transgender. All bodies are beautiful and everybody is welcome. Willow is a hardworking, caring, funny person who cares about the wellbeing of all the members of Naked in Motion. Willow shows the love by going over the rules before each class to make sure everybody understand them. The respect the way Willow asks for permission to touch you before she corrects you on a pose and the way she spends time after class talking to the members to find out how the class was for them. Thank you, Willow, for all the hard work you put into the class and for not giving up on Naked in Motion!"

-Scott, Queens, NY

"Willow, thank you for the great class! I've always felt that doing yoga in the nude is not only freeing, it also makes it so much easier to take a pose ideally (and to be adjusted more ideally into a pose) because the body is undraped by clothing. The class content was very well-structured and well-delivered."

-Dave, Philadelphia, PA

"I really enjoyed the classes at Naked in Motion. Willow's bubbly personality and enthusiasm helps to keep everyone relaxed and comfortable. The poses range from being easy to a bit challenging; however, you can usually modify some of the poses to make them easier or more difficult. If you ever have any trouble, then with your permission, a helping hand will guide you in the right direction. My only regret is that I didn't know about Naked in Motion sooner! Thank you Willow and everyone that is part of the Naked in Motion team; I will definitely be back for more classes!"

-Tori, Queens, NY

"I love your classes and the environment and vibe you create. I very much share your perspectives on inclusivity and find it fulfilling to engage with people like yourself and the activities you promote."

-TJ, Boston, MA

"Since discovering Naked in Motion it's been an amazing experience to be part of. The class has consistently left me feeling energized, tingly and wowed by the positivity that gets generated. You get out ten times what you put in."

-Mathew, Atlanta, GA

"Naked or not, your yoga practice was great. I really appreciated it. I've practiced yoga for some time now and that was a great fit for my previous experience. As for the nude experience, the way you blend the consent culture of kink with the social culture of naturism/nudism is next level. Very effective for putting all at ease."

-Rick, Boston, MA

"I had a wonderful experience - thank you. I appreciated the tight and clear container that you created. I so appreciate that being naked in a group setting can be challenging for non-cisgender men, and even as a cis-man, lying on my back with my knees up I felt very vulnerable and safe, so thank you."

-Brent, Manhattan, NY

"My experience with Naked in Motion was amazing. The sensation of freedom from clothing is incredible. There was no judgement regarding body shape, skin color, or gender, and the class felt very natural. Your body connects to the ambience and you perceive yourself in a new way during the workout because of the professionalism of the instructors." 

-M.A.S.M. - Brasil

"The concept of inclusive and non-judgmental naked yoga is so healthy, I was immediately drawn to the classes. I attended the recent Boston Naked Yoga class. Madeline is an excellent yoga instructor and very knowledgeable about body mechanics, so the class was quite good."

-William, Boston, MA

"Boston is off to a great start! I was so relieved and impressed when I went for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to go again. Such a wonderful opportunity!!! Professional, considerate, and respectful paired with supportive and nurturing. Whether a first time attendee or long time practitioner, they made this a tremendous yoga experience. I basically forgot I was naked and became immersed in the moment and movement. Thank so much for bringing this to Boston!!!"

-James, Boston, MA

"What a wonderful, welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that Willow has created! In her gentle way she is firmly in charge: best class ever, being able to do yoga/pilates nude is very freeing and adds to the sense of being totally alive! Recommend it highly." 

-Rich, New York, NY

"Thank you so much for doing what you are doing; it is great initiative! I enjoy your classes a lot. Naked Yoga is the best Yoga I can do. It not only provides physical comfort of not having fabric sticking to my body and impeding my movements while I am sweating, but it also allows me to feel better connection between my body, mind, and spirit for healthier me."

-Chris, Somerville, MA

"I have been practicing for over 8 years and Willow is an excellent instructor. The incorporation of Pilates, which I have never done, and yoga was quite enjoyable. She makes all feel comfortable, lets you take your practice to where you need to take it and is just an overall good person to have as a teacher."

-Alan D, New York, NY

"I had wanted to attend a class for quite a while but was hesitant to do so because of knee injury and that has led to limited mobility and flexibility. My surgeon recommended that I try yoga to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and range of motion. Being a long time nudist, I was eager to try naked yoga but was hesitant about the environment. My first class was with Willow who made everyone feel very comfortable at all levels of practice and demonstrated modifications for those with injuries or limited range of motion. I was immediately hooked and experienced a great workout in a friendly and comfortable environment. The next several sessions I have attended have been with Madeline who is absolutely awesome. She is very attentive and offers many modifications to the poses. This is very helpful for me, and I never feel left out. Madeline's instruction and studio environment keeps me wanting for more. Towards the end of the sessions during the meditation and wind down time, I find it incredible how she is able to relax me in an out of body experience through breathing techniques and the sound of her voice. My body feels so alive from head to toe after each session. Naked yoga is a great experience especially with Madeline and Willow."

-Richard, Boston, MA

"Just a shout out for a fabulous class with the Founder herself. Great class with great vibe. Super attention to breath and lots of positive messages. Stole my heart when the music came at the perfect time. Super tracks!!! Will keep returning." 

-Phillip, Boston, MA

"I was in Wednesday night's class and just wanted to say it was an amazing experience. I’ve been wanting to try nude yoga for several years now and finally took the leap. I’m so glad that I found Naked in Motion and I’m looking forward to attending future classes and seeing how far my body can go with yoga. Thank you for what you do."

-Brian, New York, NY

"I love this studio and the community that attends! I go to the one in Boston. There are really great instructors, each with their own unique style. My favorite instructor is David. He has amazing energy and is very calming which is great for meditation!

-Cassandra, Boston, MA

"Wow David’s class last week was unique and fabulous. He really led us all with clear guidance on our core, breathing and postures. Every now and then you just hear some phrase that totally gives you new insight. Last night it was firing up the Warrior 2, and I quote: " that every muscle in the body is awake and contributing". That really spoke to me even though I must have done the posture thousands of times before. Such a warm and respectful group; I could have stayed much longer. Big thanks...Namaste."

-Phillip, Boston, MA

"The most obvious reason why I keep coming to naked yoga (despite of many unquestionable spiritual, psychological, mental, and physical benefits), is that I don't like wet fabric sticking to my skin when I'm sweating. Wearing wet clothes is just uncomfortable. There is no need to make fuss about nudity, because everybody knows how human body is built (especially in internet era when you can find it all online). In the class nobody stares at anybody, and as soon as you get naked between other naked people, you realize that your body reached its most normal status. Come and enjoy the next level of yoga the natural way, the way it should be practiced, and can be experienced at its best. All teachers at Naked in Motion are simply amazing and exceptional yoga experts. ”

-Chris, Somerville, MA

"Just wanted to say a big thank you – yoga in Boston with David was amazing!!!! His class was super effective – amazing stretching and in spite of being really impactful, very accessible difficulty. I can't wait to be back!”

-TB, Cambridge, MA

“Willow was fantastic. My fiance and I agreed that it was unlike any yoga class we’ve been to. It didn’t feel athletic or competitive, like we should do the advanced positions. Instead it was relaxing, supportive and wonderful. It still pushed me, I still broke a sweat. We would definitely go again.”

-Andreas, Seattle, WA

"This was a fantastic class. I got a great workout with lots of sweat and everything. Not only that but I got to practice the 6-7 poses that I've been trying to learn. It was really a non-sexual experience which is fantastic. Sure, we were all nude but within about 1 minute of starting, I completely forgot I wasn't wearing clothes. It was a very freeing and relaxing time and now I know, the best yoga practice I've ever done."

-John, Seattle, WA

"I rarely write reviews, but I can't refrain from saying wonderfully positive things about my Naked in Motion experience. Having never attended a yoga class in my (rather lengthy) life, I was understandably unsure about what to expect. Those uncertainties were immediately put to rest within five minutes of my first session. Willow is an exceptional instructor - truly professional and possessing a true gift to communicate and demonstrate the various activities and poses suggested to the students. In addition, she is a warm, caring, respectful and compassionate person who has created a comfortable and nurturing environment for all. She never expects students to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, and her casual sense of humor makes the classes low key and fun. I highly recommend Willow's classes at Naked in Motion.”

-Tom, Garden City, NY

"I tried out David’s class in Boston earlier today.  I had a great time and experience, and really enjoyed meeting David and some of the others in the class!  The trip was definitely worth the experience.  Can’t wait to join another naked yoga class next time I’m in Boston or NYC!”

-Philip, Louisville, KY

"I’ve taken 3 of your classes so far and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy them.  I feel great afterwards.  Thank you so much for what you do.  Shelby & Dawn are excellent instructors! I really appreciate what you do and thank you so much for offering lower priced tickets for those of us on a tight budget like myself. “

-AS, New York, NY

"Thank you for building Naked in Motion! It has brought so much joy into my life. I'm more flexible than I ever remember being (most days I can touch my toes "cold," which hasn't even been the case after stretching for most of my life!) and starting to build a routine around NIM has been so wonderful.“

-Taylor, Boston, MA

"…And I loved it. Alan is a great human being and instructor. I hope to join again when I'm back in the city next.”

-Andy, Washington DC

“I came in so tensed from work and a little anxious about the yoga, and left so relaxed! It was wonderful and just what I needed physically and mentally! I’ll be back when I can.” 

-RS, Boston, MA

“I came in so tensed from work and a little anxious about the yoga, and left so relaxed! It was wonderful and just what I needed physically and mentally! I’ll be back when I can.” 

-RS, Boston, MA

“It was a privilege and a pleasure to experience Naked in Motion. I had a refreshing and liberating class that literally changed my mood and how I feel in my body. Sasha is an amazing teacher and a genuinely great person! Thank you for creating for people to move and flow without boundaries.” 

-Theee Empress, New York, NY

“Hi, I had my first naked yoga class last Saturday. Although I was slightly apprehensive, which everyone must experience, it was a lovely experience. A yoga teacher once told me it is all about holding space. elicia did this extremely well. I greatly appreciated her thoughtful, kind and compassionate dialogue, capped off by her request to 'reach around [your shoulders] and hug your best friend.' I loved the message. My classmates were nice while the class definitely altered my consciousness. I felt noticeably calm and peaceful later. This would be a great tool for addiction recovery, although I don't think most recovery clinics would be open to naked yoga. It would certainly be helpful if they were. Keep up the good work.” 

-John, Cambridge, MA

“My experience after four classes is that you have a winning team and formula for success! Sophia in particular has an extremely encouraging way she teaches. She appeals to experts and beginners alike. Thank you and keep up the great work!” 

-B, New York, NY

“Naked in Motion is a professional, educational, safe, and fun atmosphere to practice YOUR yoga! David is SO passionate about yoga! He coordinates the music and movements with effortless work! I'm sure he spends quite a bit of time preparing to lead an awesome class! It shows!” 

-Tom, Boston, MA

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