Willow : Pilates & Yoga (NYC)

PGP: she/her

Willow is the owner and founder of Naked in Motion, LLC, as well as its only Pilates instructor. Body and sex-positivity are incredibly important to her, right up there with coconut ice cream and vegan burritos. Her approach to Pilates and Yoga includes much attention to detail and enthusiasm for proper alignment (#anatomynerd). She’s fascinated by movement and wants to promote awareness of the body in space.

She hopes to invigorate the community to look at the bodies they brought to class without the shield of clothing, accept what they see, and work whatever works for them in that moment. She has an abundance of love for her students, and encourages participants to find the same love and compassion for themselves as she has for them.



Madeline : Yoga (Boston)

PGP: she/her

Maddy is excited to be the first Boston-based NiM teacher! She brings over a decade of yoga experience and a background in neuroscience, clinical psychology, and public health all wrapped up in passions for body- and sex-positivity. Her yoga classes are challenging but fun, with a strong encouragement for students to find their own space and comfort in their practice.


Elle : Yoga (NYC)

PGP: she/her

Elle is a fun-spirited yoga instructor trained in the Vinyasa practice. Her classes focus on alignment and taking the time to notice how poses land on the body. It’s important to her that students understand that they are the ones who know their body best, and to learn to love the beautiful imperfections that go along with being themselves.







Sybil : Administrative Assistant

PGP: they/them

Sybil is an administrator and assistant in NYC with focuses in entertainment and health. They enjoy theatre, writing, long walks on 5th Avenue, and doing drag on the weekends. Sybil loves Naked in Motion's message and efforts to be trans-inclusive and body positive.