Women's Workshop feat. Reverend Legs Malone’s
Healing Your Relationship With Your Body


On October 28, Naked in Motion is joining forces with
burlesque performer, Rev. Legs Malone, for our very first
(clothed) Women’s Workshop and
(optional) Naked! Yoga class.

The theme: Healing Your Relationship With Your Body.
All ages and body types welcome.
This workshop is open to anyone who is female-bodied or female-identifying. 

Female bodies are rich repositories of history, life, possibility and beauty. Given the societal programming around self-worth and the female body, so many of us have been forced to accept false stories and fake truths about who we are because of our bodies. As a result, we may hold a lot of history and negative thoughts within us that can hold us back from achieving the highest expression of our good in our lives. 

This workshop will provide an opportunity to delve into and experientially examine the roots of our relationships with our bodies. Working from the premise that all thought is creative, we’ll do exercises to help release our blocks to joy and abundance.
The workshop will be clothed and will include lecture, guided Self-dialogue, journaling exercises, partner work, group sharing, forgiveness exercises, explorative movement, and affirmations to counteract negative emotional beliefs. Then, we’ll embody this work with a healing Naked! yoga class (bottoms-optional) and finish with a group meditation. Those who do not wish to stay for the yoga and meditation may opt out (price is the same whether or not you stay for yoga).

Naked in Motion recognizes the challenges that female-bodied and female-identifying people face on a daily basis that typically make it more difficult to attend a naked yoga class. In offering this workshop, we’re creating a safe space to confront the negative emotions that come from lifetimes of unreasonable standards of beauty, fat-shaming, ageism, sexual objectification, oppression, and violence. While many women and female-bodied people find naked yoga to be a source of healing, many others need time and effort to examine the roots of the barriers to experiencing this vulnerable physical practice.



Wild's Studio
245 West 29th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10001

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Early bird tickets are available for $35, so snag them while they last!
Starting on October 24, tickets are available for $40.

*We prefer you pay online via MindBody, but if you need to pay in cash, you must email reservations@nakedinmotion.com to reserve a spot and pay $40 cash at the door.

All Naked in Motion events have a 24-hour cancellation policy, so if you cancel less than 24 hours before the event, you forfeit your payment. Space is limited and we anticipate this class will sell out, so for walk-ins, if we're at capacity and you haven't emailed to reserve a spot, we may not be able to accommodate you.



Doors open at 12:45pm. 

Event starts at 1:00pm.

Doors close at 1:15pm, when the sign is on the door.*

Event ends at 4:30pm. 

*Please be mindful of the “doors closed” time. If you arrive after the door is locked, we won't be able to accommodate you or issue a refund. 

For the optional naked yoga portion, and for all Naked in Motion classes, women and trans folk may wear bottoms. Please note that having your menstrual cycle doesn’t necessitate wearing bottoms, as we don’t want menstruation to limit your attendance. For transgender participants: please make use of anything you require to affirm and support your gender, as we’ll defer to whatever “Naked!” means to you. Everyone should be an active, willing participant and at least 18 years old. 

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Please bring a notebook, pen, and a willingness to be honest and loving with yourself. Wear comfortable clothes for the workshop.

We strongly encourage you to bring your own yoga mat (and we also recommend a towel), but we do have mats available to rent for $2. If you do need to rent a mat, YOU MUST BRING A TOWEL for sanitary reasons.

 Check out our other events here! Please read our Community Rules before class. This is a brand new workshop, but if you have any questions about the overall Naked in Motion experience, please see our FAQ page.

About the instructors

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.16.17 PM.png

Rev. Legs Malone

is a burlesque performer, producer, and teacher from Brooklyn, NY who believes in love above all. In addition to her extensive performing within NYC, nationally and internationally, she is a trained rebirthing breathworker, reiki master and Wu Tao Dance teacher. Legs will be leading her signature class, “Healing Your Relationship With Your Body,” during this offering.


Willow Merveille

is the owner and founder of Naked in Motion, which offers Naked! Yoga & Pilates classes in NYC and Boston. She is a yoga teacher and fully-certified Pilates apparatus instructor, and her movement training includes over 20 years of classical ballet and jazz and is influenced by a decade of theatre performance. Willow will be teaching the Naked! Yoga portion of the workshop.